Classes – Advanced

OK, you’ve completed puppy kindergarten and basic obedience – now what?

You want to keep working with your dog, so you and he don’t lose the training knowledge you have gained.  So we are offering an ongoing class that can take you to the next level.

Our advanced class is a continuation of the basic course.  Dogs from just out of beginners all the way through having a couple of obedience titles are in this class.  Course content includes heeling (including turns, change of pace, and a “follow the leader” type pattern), sit, down, stand, come, and stay.  We also work with dog/dog pass by in close quarters, and other distractions around the room.  Dogs and handlers are also shown, when ready, how to transition to off leash work and getting under control using voice commands and hand signals.

Depending on the instructor and the dogs in class, we may also pull out a few of the jumps to give the dogs a little variation.  There is often toys and / or bowls of hot dogs or other goodies that the dogs will learn to ignore as they walk past them.

If you have completed a basic course with the Kenosha Kennel Club, your class instructor can advise you on whether your dog is ready for the advanced work or if we feel a repeat of the basic class would be more beneficial for you.

If you have not trained with us before, we ask that you contact us to set up a time with the instructor.  During this meeting, you will be asked to show the commands of heel, sit, down, stand, come, and stay with your dog.  This will ensure that you and your dog have a good understanding of the basics, and can succeed in our advanced class.  The handler must be physically able to control the dog in a classroom setting.
If the instructor feels the dog is not quite ready for this class, she may recommend you come through a basic course first.  You will also need to bring with you your dog’s shot records with current inoculations, as no dogs are allowed in the building without these.

If you are considering showing your dog in regular obedience work and going for your Novice Title of Companion Dog (CD), our instructors can work with you on proper ring procedure, what is expected from both the dog and the handler, and how to complete the proper paperwork for the show entry.

  • Class Day: Thursday night 
  • Class is 8 Weeks : $100.00